Professional Applications for Electric Tape

With its pressure sensitivity and conductive properties, electric tape prevents everything from fires to electrocution.

Also called insulating tape and even sticky tape by the layman, electric tape is made of flexible plastics or vinyl (the more popular element). There is also a Class H version engineered from fiberglass cloth. Class H is a reinforced design for heavy duty applications. Professionals reach for it when they want to secure wiring systems in electric motors, generators, transformers, etc. These types of machines are broken down by levels in temperature and temperature rise, a system of standards established by the UL, NEMA and IEC. It’s an electrical insulation system that has been called a “thermal classification” and an “insulation class.”

Black might appear to be the most popular color choice when choosing electric tape. It’s certainly the go-to for trained electricians who reach for it in various applications. They use it not only to bundle, secure and protect their systems, but in making quick repairs to cables and wires. However, colored electric tape is also used, especially by professionals to label a wire’s phase and voltage level. The phase, or polyphase, system recognizes the distribution of alternating current electrical power. For easier management of wiring, the electrician will use colored electric tape near the terminator to indicate the wire’s distinction. There is a UL-standard for labelling wiring with colored tape that breaks down voltage levels and phases.

One thing that should be noted is the misconceived, if popular, use of electric tape to repair cord jackets. While it makes for an effective temporary fix, many, including a reputed authority like OHSA, frown upon the practice. Despite its superior insulation, electric tape cannot match the regulated strength that goes into the engineering of a jacket cord’s outer layer. The original covering of a jacket cord has abrasive resistant properties that cannot be matched by electric tape. When your cord jacket has fallen below its standard, the best move is to throw that device out and replace it as soon as possible.

With its weather resistance, pressure sensitivity, and easy application and removal, electric tape is both an exemplary indoor and outdoor solution. Besides keeping wires and cables together, it’s also excellent for bundling and holding items in place. It has been used to secure wires running across floors to avoid slip and falls, as well as for packaging.

Whatever you use electric tape for, you want to make sure you use a professional grade, quality product that will provide exceptional performance in many applications. Consider our PVC grade that won’t disappoint. When you order professional supplies through CableTiesPlus, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is quality.

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