Using Beaded Loop Fasteners

Cable ties and comparable tools are used in a vast array of situations, offering great performance in many industries; agriculture, medical, and commerce, just to name a few. You’ll find professionals utilizing them in construction, engineering, automotive, and much more to complete projects quickly and affordably while creating safe systems that pass inspection.

Yet, there are times when you don’t need the kind of heavy duty solution these products often provide. Why waste money on a device that can manage hundreds of pounds or protects cable and wire bundles from acids and flame, when you have a smaller, less intensive project to tackle? Well, with beaded loop fasteners in your arsenal you’ll always be prepared.

Beaded loop fasteners are a great alternative to higher performance cable ties. They are small and light weight, cost effective, and can be applied quickly. They may have a reduced tensile strength (about 18 pounds) compared to other zip ties, but these devices aren’t designed to withstand heavy loads. However, don’t think for a moment a lower tensile rating makes this tool any less dependable. Though operating on a smaller scale, beaded loop fasteners will confidently secure your projects’ bundles or neatly organize items that you want to stay together. Beaded loop fasteners guarantee a reliable, tangle- free, and snug fit, along with a locking mechanism that keeps the device in place until you choose to remove it.

Beaded loop fasteners are perfect for the travel industry where they are used to secure luggage before loading. These devices are used in a number of industries to seal trucks, bags, and packages that are not to be opened before reaching their final destination. Retailers employ them to put price tags and bar codes on merchandise. Engineers and plumbers use these loop fasteners to quickly secure a system component until a more conventional solution can be implemented.

A beaded loop fastener is easy to use. No tagging gun or other device is required. Simply push the tail through the head and pull to the desired loop size. And easy as that, you now have a strong and safe installation that’s going to hold up as long as you need it to. It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it simplifies getting the job done.

Cable Ties Plus strongly suggests you keep beaded loop fasteners in your toolset. We know at some point, they will prove to be perfect for the task at hand!

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