Types of Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is an invaluable investment. From its insulating properties to its long lasting performance and versatility, it’s one of the most efficient options for safeguarding your systems. It has the capacity to minimize energy loss, protect and repair wiring, and reduce the risk of damage from undesirable elements.

Of course, when looking for heat shrink tubing, you need to consider which product is best suited for your project. Using the wrong tubing can reduce the effectiveness of a particular application, or worse, create a hazardous situation. Before choosing, you need to consider what type of environment you’re working with and its associated risks, the scope of the project, and finally, which type of heat shrink tubing will best fit the bill. Once you’ve done your due diligence, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect. In fact, it might easily be one of these popular tubing types.


Neoprene® heat shrink tubing is engineered with modified chlorinated polyolefin. It is perfect for mechanics and other motorized processes. It remains popular in the aerospace industry and the military, often used for harnessing cable and wire bundles. You can expect excellent resistance to air and ground vehicle components such as lubricating and hydraulic fluids, which is why many professionals utilize this tubing for engine work.


Viton tubing is designed from a flexible fluoroelastomer component. It affords heavy resistance to chemicals and can hold up under high temps in different applications. As it is manufactured to meet military specifications, Viton® heat shrink tubing is recommended when military and commercial electronic control systems are in place. The ability to protect against harsh chemicals also lends this tubing to use in industrial plants and laboratories.


Heat shrinkable Kynar® tubing is constructed with modified polyvinylidene fluoride and provides you a great solution for systems under a high irradiation level. It holds up well under high temperatures and also has great mechanical and dielectric strength. From properties that make it flame retardant to a flexibility that makes it ideal for small spaces, Kynar heat shrink tubing is the solution professionals reach for when it comes to fuse coverings, capacitor protection, and even component jacketing.

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