Color Coding With Heat Shrink Tubing

For easy identification of systems and components involved in your wiring and cabling installations, we encourage everyone to take advantage of color coding with heat shrink tubing. This solution is a viable alternative that protects connections, joints, terminals, conductors and stranded wires and cables. They organize your systems, create sealants and prevent potential abrasions that can disrupt operations or create hazards.

Color coding with heat shrink tubing simplifies installation, maintenance and repair. With color coding, you can differentiate between wire connectors. You can harness multiple wires and cables or create network patch cords that can serve as labels. You not only improve the look of cables in your custom cars and motorcycles and computer-case mods, you also simplify the task of finding components when necessary.

And don’t forget that utilizing heat shrink tubing provides your systems with the ultimate barrier of protection. You seal out water, dust, corrosives and other unwanted elements. They insulate cables and wires against extreme heat and smoke. You can even minimize the need for braided sleeving. The advantages of heat shrink tubing along with the conveniences of using it to color code your systems far outweigh the expense.

Heat shrink tubing is going to be your best bet for imprinting; color coding and industry standards for gauge sizing are all part of the package.  Sound and affordable options include flexible polyolefin, adhesive lined, and even fluoroelastomer heat shrink tubing. These products have been meticulously engineered for a variety of situations and environments. Color coding provides an excellent way to quickly recognize components of wire splicing, terminal insulation and more.

The bottom line is, color coded heat shrink tubing ensures you will always have a reliable resource to easily manage wiring and cabling systems.

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