The Butt Splice Connector

When professionals need to make adjustments to wiring systems, butt splice connectors are the fastest and most cost effective means to perform the task. Butt splice connectors are the ideal tool for altering and splicing wiring systems with minimal effort.

Be it changes and repairs or lengthening wires, butt splice connectors can be used in your marine, automotive, commercial or industrial projects to ensure your work is effective, secure and safe. Forget all the splicing, twisting, taping, heating, etc. that might normally go into an operation like this. With butt splice connectors, it’s just a matter of stripping before placing the necessary wiring into each end of the connector and then crimping the connector.  Simple as that, the work is done. You now have a functional and reliable electrical connection that we are confident will last a long time.

Choose from a range of butt splice connectors developed with both quality materials and a strict production policy that assures you can get tasks done in an efficient, safe and affordable fashion. There are non-insulated, PVC-insulated, and nylon options. This inventory is designed to work with any American wire gauge that falls between 22 and 10.

Non-insulated butt splice connectors should be applied with caution as they are not designed for all types of projects.

If you’re unsure which type of butt splice connector you need, you can contact an informed customer service representative at Cable Ties Plus. They’ll cover your queries and supply all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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