Benefits of Long Zip Ties

For your large items and bundles, Cable Ties Plus recommends long zip ties as part of your toolkit. We are talking about heavy duty, high tensile and durable solutions for unique bundling and management of systems. Professionals are utilizing them for securing solar panels. One customer used a 48” tie to make an emergency repair on their airboat’s belt. Whatever the situation, there are long zip ties for both industrial and home applications that perfectly fit the bill.

Long zip ties are tools designed for situations where smaller ties simply will not work. You may need a long tie to secure thicker cable bundles for the sake of organization. A gardener might require a longer cable tie for their lengthy hoses or other equipment. HVAC installers and repairers can use them for temporarily securing duct work. A trucker might put them in place to secure large, heavy loads.

When it comes to performance, all zip ties are not the same. The construction of each class of tie is unique; they are engineered for length, size and weight capacity, as wells as resistance to heat, corrosives and temperatures.  They are also engineered to meet the demands of specific projects. It is often advised you buy cable ties a bit longer than required and with features that go slightly beyond your needs. For instance, it is better to have a tie that can hold up to 75 pounds rather than find you have 62 pounds to secure but only 50 pound capacity ties. Zip ties may also be trimmed, if you’re so inclined. This is a better solution than buying ties only to discover they are too short for a job.

If you are not familiar with zip ties, it might be a good idea to get a zip tie kit. They contain a range of ties in assorted sizes ready for any last minute job. These kits can serve as a great learning tool, giving a user the opportunity to discover the product’s flexibility.

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