More Unique Ways to Use Cable Ties!

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, have plenty of uses around the home, but have you ever thought of using them as part of your wardrobe? Use cable ties to make your own clothes or to enhance clothes you already have.

No-Tie Laces

Shoelaces are annoying. No matter how tight you tie them they always tend to become loose. You spend too much time bending over to tie them, especially on kid’s shoes. Velcro just isn’t visually appealing. That is, unless you’re using Velcro cable ties. They work just like regular cable ties. You pull the end through the opening at the tip and pull it tight. The end then wraps around itself thanks to the Velcro sides.

To use Velcro ties to make no-tie laces, you need to attach small rubber bands horizontally from hole to hole on the shoe. Attach the rubbers bands using the Velcro ties that you tighten into the lace holes. The rubber bands pull tight when you put your foot inside the shoe for a nice fit. The Velcro cable ties make removing rubber bands easy if you want to mix up colors.

Tie Dye Clothing

The trick to making fun designs on your tie dye clothing is to bunch up the clothing in different ways and keeping the bunch together with rubber bands. The dye doesn’t get inside the folds leaving white areas once dry. Unfortunately, rubber bands can sometimes snap during the dying process, and the dye often seeps in below the rubber band, ruining the design.

Eliminate these problems by using cable ties. You can use any type of cable tie, but the most effective will be releasable cable ties. They have little tabs that you press to unlock, so you don’t have to get out the heavy duty scissors. The ties work just like the rubber bands, except they won’t break and the tightness of the tie guarantees that no color will seep through into unwanted areas. Also, cable ties come in many different lengths so you can make different designs.

DIY Corset

Corsets are classic accessories that are often expensive to purchase and too difficult to make. They require special boning that creates the shape of the corset. It’s what keeps it taut while pressing into your body. While creating that strength, it also bends enough so you can move around without difficulty. Boning can be expensive, and if you mess up during the process, then you’ll have to buy more materials.

Cable ties are much cheaper and work just like boning. Standard cable ties can withstand up to 50 lbs of pressure. No matter how tight you wear your corset, the tie will hold up. If something goes awry, you’ll have plenty more cable ties to work with without emptying your wallet.

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