The Convenience of Expandable Braided Sleeving

Expandable braided sleeving products are an exceptional bundling and protection solution. Mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals employ them to secure systems in a variety of projects. These tools are designed to protect systems from risks that can include weather, chemical exposure and even animals.

Braided sleeving is a tubular sleeve developed from high grade polyester monofilament materials to cover and safeguard cable assemblies, wire components, tubes and hoses, and wire harnesses in just about any situation.

One electrician used expandable braided sleeving not only to secure a homeowner’s systems, but to protect the family pets. The family needed a solution that secured wires and connectors,  as their cats were in the habit of grabbing and nibbling at them. Thankfully, expandable braided sleeving did the job, most likely preventing a potentially tragic situation.

Once set in place, expandable braided sleeving can grow up to 150 percent of its original size. It will fit and conform to irregular shapes and is the perfect finishing touch to system management. An exemplary indoor or outdoor solution, expandable braided sleeving is engineered to withstand heat, moisture, vibration, most corrosive chemicals and abrasives, and UV light. The open-weave design provides spacing for an array of bundle sizes and shapes. It retains form in both extreme high and low temperatures. The material promises to have been engineered under stringent guidelines to meet high standards. Easy-to-install and terminate, all that’s required is a hot knife to cut the sleeving.

Expandable braided sleeving is different from, say, heat shrink tubing in that its construction is designed to fit easily over larger objects, such as long runs and connectors. It’s also designed to bend and twist to fit odd shapes, which heat shrink tubing couldn’t manage. Many professionals will apply some heat shrink tubing or even a cable tie on the opposite ends of sleeving. This helps keep wires in place inside the sleeve, as well as improve the overall appearance of the application.

Whether you are doing customized work on an auto engine or you’re involved in a renovation project that includes electrical and plumbing work, expandable braided sleeving is going to make getting things done easier, and promises to keep systems secure and safe. It’s why we here at Cable Ties Plus are comfortable promoting the virtues of these tools. We specialize in providing all industries and professionals with the best cable and wiring accessories so operations are more efficient and affordable. This definitely includes expandable braided sleeving!

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