Clever Uses for Heat Shrink Tubing

Duct tape has a reputation for being able to fix anything and everything. However, did you know that heat shrink tubing is actually just as versatile? In fact, heatshrink is actually a more reliable solution, and in our opinion, much more elegant than haphazardly wrapping your broken items in unsightly gray tape.

Now, you might be asking – what exactly is heat shrink tubing?

Well, it’s a relatively thin-walled tubing often used to insulate complex wiring assemblies in everything from automobiles to aircraft, due in part to its ability to shrink rapidly with applied heat, sealing out debris, moisture, and harsh chemicals. Heatshrink is fabricated with many types of polymer bases, which affords the tubing exceptional mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.

All this to say, such a performance product is actually quite useful in everyday situations. Installation is simple. Pick the appropriate sized tubing (the largest size that will still shrink to a tight fix) and apply heat. Below are a few instances where shrink tubing is sure to save the day!

Broken Glasses?

Every glasses-wearer knows the misfortune of holding two separate pieces of your once marvelous spectacles in each hand. Don’t fret! With a little heat shrink tubing applied at the breaking point, you are back rockin’ your eyewear in style. Be sure to use a color that matches your frame color for a more streamlined fix.

Tangled headphone cables?

Twisted headphone cables are frustrating, and worse, all that stress on the cables can reduce their lifespan. The fix is simple with some heatshrink. Apply a few lines of tubing to your headphone cables in equal sections, so you can still fold them for transport. 3-inch sections of tubing will work great. And, while you’re at it, reinforce the jack with some heatshrink at the junction.

Too many keys?

We’ve all spent too long fumbling for just the right key in the dark. Or, maybe you’ve forgotten which key actually goes to the shed out back. A bit of heatshrink is a life-saver here. Apply different colors to the top plate of each key and identification is a breeze. Better yet, order some custom-printed heat shrink tubing, and you’ll always be sure where each key on the ring belongs. In addition to identification, heatshrink will prevent rusting on your keys and facilitate a better grip.

These are some simple and convenient uses for heat shrink tubing. While shrink tubing can seem foreign at first, once you get the hang of applying heat appropriately, you’ll be reaching for it whenever a quick-fix is needed. Installing heat shrink is always easier with the right tool, so we recommend you pick up a heat gun or torch, which offers the precision and control necessary for optimal application. If you have any questions about heat shrink tubing, call us here at Cable Ties Plus and we’ll be happy to assist.

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