Hitting the Water? Bring Those Cable Ties!

We have long boasted about the flexibility of cable ties, screaming from the mountain tops to the villages below about the virtues of using these simple tools to safeguard wiring and cable systems. And the people have listened. They have embraced the many ways cable ties can be used to secure electrical wiring in walls, how they can organize cables and wires behind the computer, their use in the garden and their ability to safeguard the components that power the entertainment system in your massive man caves.

Yet, for all that we can show you about the versatility of cable ties, we are constantly surprised to learn about new ways people are using them to make everything from their professional lives to personal tasks easier to accomplish. In fact, water sports enthusiasts are embracing cable ties to great effect. Cable ties are used by builders of plywood boats and canoes. They utilize the ties to hold panels in place while applying and curing epoxy joints, the process which permanently holds the boat’s pieces together. Other boaters deploy cable ties to deal with annoying depth mark indicators that wash away on their anchor chains. Instead of paint, they use cable ties to indicate anchor depth by either color coding or using cable ties in increments of five to 10 feet.

Boaters use cable ties to make quick and efficient repairs on broken life jacket zippers, straps and buckles. They are also being used by water and jet skiers in this same manner. Surfers and wakeboarders have turned to these tools for leashing in order to secure boards without relying on conventional knotting. One savvy boater who needed to make repairs to her trim found she didn’t have the right sized screws. She inserted a cable tie into each hole to help secure the screws she did have. She placed the cable tie, then the screw and cut off any cable tie excess before tightening the screw, holding everything in place until she could get the job done with better tools.

It’s said that people who hit the water find cable ties essential to their toolkits. From securing equipment to making repairs to engines, CableTiesPlus is excited to hear about the innovative ways users are expanding an already affordable and versatile product.

If you have a use or tip for cable ties, we’d love to hear your story and to share it with our readers.

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