Using Zip Ties at School

Yeah, school is back in full swing. And whether you’re standing in front of a classroom, taking students to one or old enough to get there yourself, we hope you get out the zip ties.

For the Parents

  1. Zip ties are excellent for repairing zippers. Loop a tie through the pull hole, fasten, strip away excess tail and — boom — you’re back in business. This is a quick fix for hoodies, pants, sweaters, backpacks, jackets, coats and more.
  2. Zip ties make great pencil (and pen) holders. Wrap all writing utensils in two ties and you’re ready to go!
  3. For girls who aren’t picky, you can use zip ties instead of bands to manage pony tails, pig tails, braids, buns and other hair styles.
  4. More of us are relying less on shoelaces. Push a zip tie through the vertical eyelets. This works especially well with sneakers. Find an attractive, matching color and size, and the younger kids (and probably older ones) will love it.
  5. Arts and crafts are a big part of the school experience. When you have zip ties, projects go in exciting new directions. Use beaded or braided zip ties to make a necklace or to design a basket.

For the Teacher

  1. Savvy teachers organize sitting arrangements by grouping desks or chairs together with zip ties on the legs.
  2. As mentioned above, you can probably find dozens of ways to use zip ties for everything from quick repairs to art projects. Keep a couple of bags of 100 zip ties in varying colors and sizes, and be prepared for anything.
  3. Zip ties can be used for decorative purposes, hanging items around the classroom like plants, toys and even pictures with holes cut in the borders.
  4. To enhance classroom safety, use zip ties to keep cords, cables and wires off the floor and out of sight.
  5. Create student cubbies by ‘zip-tying’ crates together. If the room size allows it, zip-tie groups of cubbies to specific table groups, so that they are closer to students.
  6. Zip ties are a quick way to attach STAR cards to the backpacks of younger students.

For College Students

  1. As much as you believe otherwise, the entire world isn’t wireless. You may find after getting to your dorm, you can need zip ties to organize and neaten cables and wires behind your desk, computer or stereo equipment.
  2. Zip ties are used in all types of activities, including three-legged races. But they get a boost in college games, where partnering up can entail being tied at the wrist or leg. Don’t miss out because you ran out of zip ties!
  3. Use zip ties to secure storage items that you don’t want anyone tampering with. At the very least, you will know immediately if anyone does.

School’s in session, but it’s not too late. Put some zip ties in your cart today. Cable Ties Plus will get them to you ASAP and you can start putting some of these great ideas to work!

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