Zip Tie Ideas for Your Halloween Preparations

Cable Ties Plus believes if you want to make preparing for Halloween a little easier, invest a few dollars in some zip ties. Whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors, they can be used for a variety of projects. They take only seconds to attach, hold objects in place and, unlike tape or nails, do not damage surfaces.

Use zip ties to secure power and extensive cords. The goal is to keep them out of the way so that there are no mishaps, especially outdoors and when children are running around.

If you like to hang Halloween lights that give the house an extra layer of creep, you’ll get it done a lot faster with zip ties. Whether you’re hanging from railings, fences, banisters, tree branches or gutters, get it done zip-zip! You’ll no longer have to unwrap and wrap tape or use clothespins that could fall off.

Use zip ties to support Halloween props. Get a product with the appropriate tensile strength. Clear zip ties are best. They’re not visible, especially at night. Leave zip ties a little loose so that your ghosts, witches, zombies, cornstalks, skeletons and other pagan goodies have a little movement in them when there’s a good wind.  If you want to up the creep factor, get some black zip ties. Tie them around the scalps, arms and necks of figures with tails pointing both in and out. It creates the look of spikes, adding a nice spooky feel.

Do you ever worry about your pumpkins staying in place, especially with a burning candle inside? Put two holes in the bottom of the carved out pumpkin. Now, you can zip tie them to surfaces like railings and eliminate the chance of the decoration ever getting knocked over by human hand or Mother Nature.

If you like getting a little creative on All Hallow’s Eve, go online and see how to use zip ties to create wreaths, bows, a witch’s broom and more. Here’s a quick and easy project to tackle that we think is unique and fun:

It’s not only a great decoration, it will be a cool home or classroom project for the kids.

Zip ties are excellent accessories for costume creation and management. Use them to ensure parts that won’t stay in place do. Also, use zip ties so that all-important reflective tags don’t fall off.

Everyone here at Cable Ties Plus (early enough to pick up some zip ties of course) wants to wish you and your loved ones a safe, fun and scary All Hallow’s Eve. Save us a piece of candy!

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