A New Twist on Cable Ties: Velcro

While cable ties come in a broad range of styles to handle even the most hard core applications under the toughest conditions you could imagine, they are also used in situations where circumstances are not as complex and worrisome, and may not need a tie that can withstand furnace-level heat.

Velcro cable ties are perfect examples of a product that’s economical, offers the practical solution of the dependable cable tie, but can be applied in situations where you’re not concerned about corrosives, moisture and other unwanted hazards. Velcro ties are reusable and reconfigurable. The tie is set up like a normal cable tie, but you only have to close the Velcro. This makes the life of the tie almost limitless as you can simply pull and remove it, giving you the option to alter or add more components to the bundle, or use it somewhere else.

We would advise you use Velcro ties wisely. They are not the solution when your systems need high-grade layers of protection. They are also not the product to rely on when you want security, such as sealing shipping packages or securing bicycles to racks as you travel cross-country. You want to have Velcro ties on hand for less intensive projects.

Velcro ties are perfect for hoses. You can move and store the hose easily, remove the tie when required and put it back when finished. Velcro ties are invaluable around the holidays. Use them to hang Christmas or Halloween lights conveniently around the yard on fences, trees and railings. They can be put to use mounting holiday props on poles and sticks.

While we’re sure you survivalists keep cable ties in your toolkit, substitute Velcro ties for fixing zippers, closing off the sleeves and ankles of clothes to keep bugs out, and making quick splints and slings in cases of emergency. When done, you’ll be able to simply release the tie for later use!

Velcro ties are a must have for computers at home or at the office. We’re talking about bundling the entertainment-center wires in the man cave or all those pesky cables under the desk. Gardeners can use them to hold up weak plants, easily attaching them to fences and sticks with a tie that can be removed without cutting. We even know folks who use them as laces for their sneakers. (And we think it looks pretty cool, we might add.)

Adaptable as all get out, Velcro ties make bundling, securing and installing a cable tie easier than ever before.

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