Using Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties

Cable ties can be applied quickly. Their tensile strength prevents easy breakage. When applied, users walk away confident that their systems are safe and functional. Cable ties are used for everything from labeling wires to repairing small jet engines. The shipping industry utilizes cable ties to bind packages. Airlines use them to ensure suitcases stay closed during transit. They are applied to securely lock closets, briefcases, pouches and other sensitive materials.

Yet, not every cable tie fits all situations. While lengths and features can be helpful, there are projects where most cable ties simply will not do the job. We’re talking about work where thick and potentially weighted cables, large, heavy packaging, and big, powerful objects need to be secured. This is the time to get out the heavy and extra heavy duty cable ties.

Heavy and extra heavy duty cable ties come in lengths that start at eight inches and reach all the way out to 60. Like all cable ties, it’s as simple as wrapping and setting. The high quality materials have all the advantages you expect out of a cable tie, including UL approval and high flammability ratings, a broad range of environmental operating temperatures, chemical resistance, military grade specs and more. What distinguishes these ties is they are manufactured to hold between 120 and 250 pounds. That means the product’s reinforcement has been magnified. Shipping companies moving anything from a refrigerator to a small piano will apply these ties for easier transport. Industrial applications include irrigation, underground power lines, aerospace projects, manufacturing plants, or anywhere else where weighted equipment and components have to be secured for the purpose of safety and operation.

Depending on the specific product, heavy and extra heavy duty cable ties come in several colors. Black is best for outdoor use as it is UV resistant. This means its design allows for longer exposure in natural environments without degradation of the cable tie’s tensile strength over time. The remainder of the colors can be used for everything from specific projects to making component identification easier. There are also fluorescent ties for those situations where identification can be difficult in dark or cramped spaces.

With three decades in the business of manufacturing a large selection of professional cable and wiring accessories, Cable Ties Plus appreciates the opportunity to share its knowledge with you. We hope this article helped you out and if you want to know more about heavy and extra heavy duty cable ties, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

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