Cable Zip Ties Keep Stock and Tools Organized

There are a lot of moving parts in a warehouse. You have heavy duty machines that transport, organize and get inventory ready for shipping. In addition to the machines, there may be a large number of employees who are responsible for keeping track of everything. The use of cable zip ties can make everyone’s life a little easier.

Color Code Inventory for Easy Retrieval

For the most part, employees have to choose between boxes that look similar but carry a variety of different products inside of them. Instead of fumbling around with a lot of boxes and wasting time, a series of colored zip ties can make it easy for an employee to choose what he or she needs to get the job done. In a warehouse, wasted time is almost always wasted money.

Tie Down Equipment to Avoid Unauthorized Use or Theft

Scan guns that are used to log in an order or indicate when an order left can cost thousands of dollars. If the gun is stolen, it could render the entire warehouse useless. In the event that only certain people are allowed to use a piece of equipment, it would make sense to tie it down with a cable tie to ensure that no one can just pick it up and start using it.

Provide Stability for Larger Equipment inside the Warehouse

If your warehouse has large copiers, printers or other scanning equipment, it would be a good idea to use a clear or black zip tie to keep it in place. If something were to fall or tip over, it could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage as well as potentially hurt an employee. The good news is that an industrial strength zip tie can hold several hundred pounds in place without issue.

Cable zip ties provide a lot of value because they can be used in many different scenarios. If you need to keep something in place or provide extra security for a sensitive item, a zip tie is the way to go.

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