The Use of Zip Ties in the Automotive Industry

A pack of zip ties can have a million uses in the automotive field. A natural part of any tools kit, these heavy-duty cable ties help to assist in automotive repair by fastening and marking specific parts. Zip ties, also known as cable ties or rat ties, come in a variety of colors and sizes that can assist professionals in a number of ways.

How a Zip Tie Works

Zip ties are a type of fastener that works in a very simple way. The quick and easy design of a basic tie allows them to be grabbed and secured within a matter of seconds. The strip is filled with a row of ridged teeth that help to keep the tie in place as you wrap it around through the lip on the other end. The tie, once threaded to the lip, is simply pulled to secure.

Releasing a zip tie is a fast process as well. Simply hold the lip down to release the teeth. When you hold the lip down, you need to apply pressure in just the right way. This is an added security feature that makes it difficult for these useful tools to come undone when working.

Zip Ties are Automotive Tools

When most people buy zip ties, they do so for electrical purposes. The ties are excellent for holding a wire in place or marking select areas of the home for installation. As an automotive tool, the zip tie not only has a similar purpose, but it also helps with organization.

Good organization of automotive parts makes it easy to find exactly what you need at all times. While a zip tie pack usually contains black ties, other varieties allow you to color code your car parts. This is very useful when shipping cables or other long parts that you don’t want to rattle around in a box.

Several heavy-duty products are on the market that could serve a similar purpose to zip ties. Velcro straps are popular, but are easy to take apart. Wire holders and other plastic products may also promise to be good with automotive or electrical workings, but these generally have a much higher price. A pack of cable ties is one tool that no mechanic should ever be without.

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