Tie Wraps: Tools with Strength and Possibilities

Tie wraps are high performance tools that can be used in a range of projects. They are accessories in a lot of electrical, industrial and automotive applications. Yet with an impressive versatility, these self locking plastic ties can be used to secure, organize, lock, support, decorate and repair projects that go from crafting to boating. When you buy these quality products, you’re solidifying your confidence in completing a project successfully.

Wraps that can withstand high temperatures are common in cars. It’s not unusual to use tie wraps to hold certain hoses in place. These products are, not surprisingly, used in many electrical and solar panel works. Cable and wire are routinely bundled for easier mainframe connections, to create clean appearances and to make labeling simpler. They are used in solar paneling as on rooftops it could get very hot and poorly constructed cord could melt. Tie wraps are also depended upon in the maintenance of HVAC systems and electrical panels.

While this equipment makes for great solutions in heavy duty, professional projects, they can also add a special touch to smaller, personal projects. An unruly growth of flowers can be arranged, locked into position with tie wraps cinched around the stems. Take care to not tighten the product too much, which can lead to damage. If you’re a car enthusiast and worried about those custom hubcaps, reinforce the bond with ties. You can even choose any number of colors that will easily blend into the car’s décor. An artist in California has begun weaving a collection of baskets out of ties.

The potential is unsurpassed. One trucker uses releasable, heavy duty cable ties to reinforce lashing cargo down on his flatbed. These ties are actually being used as additional securing of storage on many trucks, keeping stock in place during the bumpiest road trip.

As you can see, there are many creative uses for tie wraps. When you order from us, rest assured you are going to get the very best product for the price. We sell cable ties, heat shrink tubing, wiring identification, wire harnesses and more for your electrical, solar, defense, industrial, automotive and DIY projects. We’re in the business of providing top notch, long lasting product to every customer. That’s not going to change any time soon!

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