Uses For High Temperature Tie Wraps

Tie wraps are used in a variety of applications. Particularly in the automotive and electrical industries, there are going to be times when you need to use a tie wrap in an area that is extremely hot. If you don’t purchase a wrap that can handle the high temperatures, you will end up with melted plastic. This can result in even more problems than not having a wrap on the wires or other items you used them on.

If you look under the hood of your car, you will notice there are a lot of different tubes and hoses. Mechanics will commonly use high temperature tie wraps to help keep certain hoses together. In the event that they come apart, it can result in problems under the hood.

As your engine continues to heat up, it’s going to produce a variety of hot gases under the hood. This means that everything under the hood is going to be exposed to the heat. The solution is for a mechanic to use high temperature tie wraps to prevent disturbing the wraps. If they cannot handle the heat, then they will be inefficient.

Mechanics are going to use quality products because most of them offer a warranty on parts and labor. Without using a quality tie, they are going to end up with customers back into their garage wondering what happened.

The same can be said about electricians and solar panel technicians. They offer warranties on both products and workmanship. If they stop using quality materials, their phone is going to ring off the hook. Cables and wires will be bundled together frequently to ensure that it provides a neat appearance, make it easier to connect to mainframes, and to be able to label everything appropriately.

On top of the house where solar panels are seated, it’s very likely to get hot quickly. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a tie to be exposed to 110 degrees or even hotter due to the metal. As a result, high temperature tie wraps are used.

Where HVAC systems and electrical panels are concerned, the same high temperature scenarios exist. No one wants to deal with a wrap that has melted because it can leave wires exposed and cause malfunctions within the system.

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