Tie Wraps for Newspaper bundles – Nylon Tie Wraps Add Strength to Paper Products

The Sunday newspaper has a lot of sections to it. It can contain as many as 30 pages of text as well as coupons and other inserts. If you are sending a lot of papers to a grocery store or any other customer, you need to keep each bundle together. Cable zip ties are exactly the product to help you out.

Zip Ties Are Strong and Reliable

A bundle of newspapers can easily weigh 100 pounds or more. Therefore, you need a cable zip tie that is strong enough to keep the papers together while they are being transported to the store or while they are being delivered to the home of a subscriber.

Putting Papers Together Is Much Easier

A grocery store may receive its papers in several different parts. For example, the comic section may come in a separate bundle from the coupons or the local section of a national paper. With tie wraps, you know that each bundle is going to stay in its place until delivery. When the store clerk goes to assemble the papers, he or she knows that each paper can be assembled in a uniform manner.

Zip Ties Can Handle the Elements

Good tie wraps can handle the elements with ease. Whether it is cold or hot outside, the papers are going to stay together because the cable zip tie holding it together will not fray or crack. Whether it is going to a store or going to sit outside the home of a subscriber, it will retain its strength regardless of where it goes.

If you deal with newspapers, you will need a strong zip tie to bundle them with. It is much easier to keep the newspapers organized without anything falling out if you use a nylon tie to keep each section together. For retailers, sales can be lost if certain parts of the paper are missing. Therefore, reduce the risk of that happening with a zip tie that can handle whatever is thrown at it.

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