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Releasing Cable Ties

by Amy on November 27th, 2012

You used a cable tie to bundle something together and now you need to open the bundle.  No matter how many times you try or what you try, you cannot open the cable tie you used.  Fortunately, you are not alone.  Most cable ties are meant to do this.  Cable ties, unless specifically identified as releasable are one use only.  They are meant to close, not open.  The only way to get that tie open is by cutting.

When cutting a cable tie, you can use scissors.  When using scissors, please ensure you are using the right scissor strength.  Kiddie scissors will not work and can possibly break.  You do not need the heavy duty scissors or some type of major lock cutter, you just need strong scissor that can do the job properly.   We do urge you though, to please be very careful as most cable ties are not meant to be easily cut.  If you are trying to cut through extra heavy duty cable ties or metal cable ties, please use a wire cutter as this is the safest cutting tool for the job.

Another caution when cutting a tie is to ensure you are not cutting into whatever the tie is holding together.  Make sure you hold the scissors parallel to the surface of what is bundled.  This will ensure that you do not cut into whatever is being bundled.

If you know you are going to need a reusable cable tie, CableTiesPlus carries a variety of releasable cable ties that will work.

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