8 Warm Weather Applications for Cable Ties

Cable ties are an invaluable asset for everything from bundling to securing packages. Yet, their versatility extends far beyond professional applications. With summer fast approaching, Cable Ties Plus would like to highlight eight warm weather projects made easy with the right cable tie!

  1. If you ever transport a bicycle on the back or hood of your car, use cable ties to secure the wheels so they aren’t constantly spinning. In fact, use cable ties to secure any items strapped to your car.
  2. If your gates don’t have locks, use cable ties when you want to make sure kids and pets don’t wander out, especially during a barbecue or children’s party. Your best bet here are detachable or reusable cable ties.
  3. In anticipation of your excursions on the water, use a cable tie to organize tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards, water skis, etc., especially when putting them away for the winter months. This way when you’re ready, everything’s in one place.
  4. Before you get going on mowing that lawn, lock the safety handle with a cable tie. Now you don’t have to hold the clutch the entire time!
  5. Having problems with wilting or leaning plants in the garden? Use lightweight, low tensile strength ties to stand them upright by attaching them to stronger plants, steel cages or other sturdy objects.
  6. If you’re agonizing over a broken metal ring on the basketball net, replace it with a cable tie.
  7. Take an ample supply of cable ties with you on your outdoor adventures. At the very least, use them to close off your pants at the ankles, ensuring nothing crawls up your leg. In the worst circumstances, they make excellent instruments should you need to apply a splint.
  8. Use cable ties to solidify your tent and avoid having it (embarrassingly) fall in on you as you brag about what a great outdoorsperson you are.

How about you? Do you have any unique uses for cable ties that would be helpful during the spring and summer? Share them with our readers and broaden everyone’s appreciation of these affordable and flexible products.

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