4 Great Spring Cleaning Uses for Ties & Tags

Spring has a tendency to sneak up on us. We notice what’s been overlooked as we’ve blanketed ourselves against those winter temps, all the chores that have been ignored over the last few months and the tasks that now need attention as the warm weather settles in.

Many of you know about the flexibility offered by the products at Cable Tie Plus. Professionals from military mechanics to civil engineers use them. But not many know that when you get home you don’t have put that toolbox in the closet. Here are four smart ways to use our products this Spring.

  1. If you have a green thumb, cable ties can enrich that all the more. For tall plants having trouble standing, be they tomatoes or snapdragons, use low tensile strength ties to attach them to gardening stakes, cages or fences. Go with a UV stabilized product engineered for exposure to sunlight and rain. For indoor plants, cable ties are excellent for creating arrangements. Place them around stems, but take care to not cut or compress stalks.
  2. You’ve enjoyed your man cave all winter like a bear. Only now are you noticing that unruly batch of cables. Or perhaps you’ve looked under your desk and see wires going in various directions with no apparent purpose. Well, it’s time to reach for some cable ties or identification tags. Use them to bundle wires and cables, creating a neater appearance and safer area. ID tags or colored ties can distinguish sound system wires from video inputs. We’d suggest not using permanent accessories. If you need to rework your systems, you wouldn’t want to end up accidentally snipping wires or cables to remove them. Reusable products will be your best bet.
  3. Organize the basement, shed or garage with pegboards and cable ties of varying tensile strength and size to hang tools. This is also a great idea for cleaning out closets and cabinets. Using hooks and cable ties to hang dust pans, dusters and scrub brushes – which often have holes in the handles – will offer you a lot more organization. Simply loop a cable tie through the hole and store.
  4. Looking to get the boat ready for warm days on the water? You might already use cable ties to organize ropes and store accessories; however, they’re also great depth markers, eliminating those annoying spray-painted indicators on anchor chains that wash away. You can either color- code measurements with cable ties or use them in increments to establish depth.

Cable Tie Plus has thousands of products, each with the capacity to be used in industrial applications, or just to help around the home. Browse the site or give us a call if you have some ideas you’d like to discuss.

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