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Cable Ties as Survival Tools

by Amy on June 19th, 2015

Few things are as versatile as the cable tie. They provide a vast range of solutions when applied to agriculture, aerospace, automotive, industrial and residential projects. Excellent for system bundling, identification, organization and plain old functionality, cable ties are designed to simplify installations, are easy to deploy, and promise an exceptional return on investment.

Yet for every professional using cable ties to fix a boat engine or secure computer cables, there is someone keeping zip ties in their survival or travel kit for the outdoors. This is because cable ties can make everything from hiking to sleeping under the stars both safer and easier.

So if you’re into the great outdoors and not using cable ties, you’re missing out on a fantastic resource. Here are a few things you can do with cable ties to make the most of your explorations.

  1. For your long hauls, use cable ties to support packing. If you’re tying down your bike, canoe or ATV to take on a trip, use cable ties to reinforce the ropes. With bicycles, use cable ties to prevent wheels from constantly spinning. Secure bags that could accidentally pop open or fall off on rough terrain.
  2. Keep cable ties in your survival toolkit alongside the band aids and gauze. Cable ties can be used to secure a tourniquet. They are also an excellent resource for throwing together a quick, on-the-spot splint or sling.
  3. If you’re on the hunt, cable ties are a great tool for making snares for small game. They have also been used to hold wire snares to tealers. Commercial fishermen use cable ties to fix holes in their netting.
  4. You can repair straps and backpacks with cable ties.
  5. Anyone that’s gone out to embrace open spaces knows the revitalizing feel of fresh air, the wonder of vistas and valleys, and… the annoyance of insects. To minimize the aggravation of that last point, use cable ties to close off your pant legs around the ankles. If you’re wearing long sleeves – which the smart adventurer does because of the potential mosquitoes, ants, ticks, etc. – you can also wrap ties around everyone’s wrists as well.
  6. Use cable ties to better secure your tents and tarp or to tie canopy tents together. This stabilizes your structures during unexpected and unpleasant weather.
  7. Cable ties can be implemented to create a quick lock. Attach them to coolers, bags or other items you don’t want tampered with. They aren’t combination locks, but you’ll know immediately if someone’s been in your possessions.

Cable ties are sturdy and engineered with weather resistant properties. Once in place, you can depend on them to do their job and give you less to worry while out on your adventures. So when it’s time to hit the road, give CableTiesPlus a call or browse the website. Our affordable cable ties will make a world of difference when you’re exploring.


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