Heavy Zip Ties Make Securing an Industrial Product Very Easy

Whether you are a DIY warrior or the owner of a large company, heavy duty cable zip ties can help you tie down any large object. Zip ties are great for securing furnaces, boilers or anything else that could be dangerous if it moves or falls on the floor.

Industrial Zip Ties Have Varying Tensile Strengths

A cable tie can have a tensile strength of as little as 50 pounds or as high as 400 pounds. The optimal tensile strength of your cable zip tie depends on the object that you are securing. If you are trying to keep your washer from rattling on the basement floor, a tie with a lower tensile strength should do the job. If you are trying to tie down an industrial sized furnace, you need to have something closer to 400 pounds.

Your Zip Ties Are Weather Resistant

The best part about using a zip tie is that it can withstand various weather conditions. This is great for folks at home who want to tie down an air conditioning unit that is based outside. It also comes in handy if you have a large machine that is located in a hot and humid part of your factory.

You Can Buy Zip Ties in Varying Colors and Materials

While most zip ties come in black, you can buy them in clear or white as well. This can be beneficial if you want to color code your machinery by weight or some other measure. A nylon zip tie is an item that you want to buy if you have heavy items to tie down as they tend to have a tensile strength above 200 pounds.

Zip ties are a convenient and easy to use tool that can add a little extra security around your home or office building. They are weather resistant, strong and relatively inexpensive. This means that anyone from the DIY weekend warrior to maintenance professional can use them quickly and easily wherever they need them.

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