Non-Insulated Ring Terminals


These non-insulated ring terminals are the perfect, inexpensive solution when protection from electrical current is not a necessity. These terminals are available in three stud sizes: #6, #8, and #10. The maximum operating temperature of these terminals is 175°C/347°F allowing for use in a variety of different operations. These non-insulated ring terminals also are available in American Wire Gauge (AWG) from 22 to 10.

SKU Wire RangeStud SizePkg Contains Price Qty
R-18-6 22-18 AWG6100/pkg $11.50
R-18-6 22-18 AWG61000/pkg $92.00
R-18-8 22-18 AWG8100/pkg $11.50
R-18-8 22-18 AWG81000/pkg $92.00
R-18-10 22-18 AWG10100/pkg $11.50
R-18-10 22-18 AWG101000/pkg $92.00
R-14-6 16-14 AWG6100/pkg $11.50
R-14-6 16-14 AWG61000/pkg $92.00
R-14-8 16-14 AWG8100/pkg $11.50
R-14-8 16-14 AWG81000/pkg $92.00
R-14-10 16-14 AWG10100/pkg $11.50
R-14-10 16-14 AWG101000/pkg $92.00
R-10-6 12-10 AWG6100/pkg $17.25
R-10-6 12-10 AWG61000/pkg $138.00
R-10-8 12-10 AWG8100/pkg $17.25
R-10-8 12-10 AWG81000/pkg $138.00
R-10-10 12-10 AWG10100/pkg $17.25
R-10-10 12-10 AWG101000/pkg $138.00


The non-​insulated ring terminals 12-​10 AWG 6 stud means that it fits a wire size 12 or 10 on a #6 screw. You should only use these #6 stud non-​insulating ring terminals in instances where insulation is not needed or you do not need any special circumstances fulfilled in the installation.

The #10 Stud non-​insulated ring terminals fits a #10 screw size. The 16-​14 is the AWG wire size these ring terminals will fit. This non-​insulated ring terminal is to be only used where insulation or special performance is not necessary.

The ring terminals have a maximum operating temperature of 347°F (175°C).


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