Min.-Std. Cable Tie Installation Tool-Metal (18-50 lb.)


This versatile metal cable tie tool makes the installation of cable ties in a wide assortment of applications a quick and simple process every time! One of the most durable zip tie tools you can buy, this lightweight metal cable tie installation tool is ideal for use on a vast range of nylon, plastic, and metal cable ties in virtually any environment.

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Featuring a convenient pistol-grip design, this exceptionally reliable metal cable tie tool will remain comfortable and easy to hold throughout the duration of even the most involved cable and wire bundling jobs. With is adjustable tensioning and automatic cut-off capabilities, this metal cable tie installation tool is perfect for everything from bundling and securing computer/stereo wires, to more intricate electrical wiring projects in commercial and industrial settings.

Unique to many other cable tie tools, this metal cable tie tensioning tool offers an automatic tie cutting feature that allows you to easily cinch cable with only one hand, leaving your other hand free to secure a bundle of wires, hold a ladder—or anything else. You can also choose the most appropriate tension given the type of cables you’re working with.


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