Grip Shrink Material


SKU ColorLengthSizeInside Dia. (Expanded/Recovered) Price Qty
CP-GRIP20MM-4B Yellow4' Length20MM.78"-.43" (20mm) $5.00
CP-GRIP20MM-4C Blue4' Length20MM.78"-.43" (20mm) $5.00
CP-GRIP20MM-4D Green4' Length20MM.78"-.43" (20mm) $5.00
CP-GRIP20MM-4E Red4' Length20MM.78"-.43" (20mm) $5.00
CP-GRIP25MM-4A Black4' Length25MM.98"-.57" (25mm) $7.00
CP-GRIP25MM-4B Yellow4' Length25MM.98"-.57" (25mm) $7.00
CP-GRIP25MM-4C Blue4' Length25MM.98"-.57" (25mm) $7.00
CP-GRIP25MM-4D Green4' Length25MM.98"-.57" (25mm) $7.00
CP-GRIP25MM-4E Red4' Length25MM.98"-.57" (25mm) $7.00
CP-GRIP30MM-4A Black4' Length30MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $9.00
CP-GRIP30MM-4B Yellow4' Length30MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $9.00
CP-GRIP30MM-4C Blue4' Length30MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $9.00
CP-GRIP30MM-4D Green4' Length30MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $9.00
CP-GRIP30MM-4E Red4' Length30MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $9.00
CP-GRIP35MM-4A Black4' Length35MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $12.00
CP-GRIP35MM-4B Yellow4' Length35MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $12.00
CP-GRIP35MM-4C Blue4' Length35MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $12.00
CP-GRIP35MM-4D Green4' Length35MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $12.00
CP-GRIP35MM-4E Red4' Length35MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $12.00
CP-GRIP40MM-4A Black4' Length40MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $15.00
CP-GRIP40MM-4B Yellow4' Length40MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $15.00
CP-GRIP40MM-4C Blue4' Length40MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $15.00
CP-GRIP40MM-4D Green4' Length40MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $15.00
CP-GRIP40MM-4E Red4' Length40MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $15.00
CP-GRIP45MM-4A Black4' Length45MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $18.00
CP-GRIP45MM-4B Yellow4' Length45MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $18.00
CP-GRIP45MM-4C Blue4' Length45MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $18.00
CP-GRIP45MM-4D Green4' Length45MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $18.00
CP-GRIP45MM-4E Red4' Length45MM1.37"-.78" (35mm) $18.00
CP-GRIP50MMA Black3.28' Length50MM1.97"-1.1" (50mm) $25.00
CP-GRIP50MMB Yellow3.28' Length50MM1.97"-1.1" (50mm) $25.00
CP-GRIP50MMC Blue3.28' Length50MM1.97"-1.1" (50mm) $25.00
CP-GRIP50MMD Green3.28' Length50MM1.97"-1.1" (50mm) $25.00
CP-GRIP50MME Red3.28' Length50MM1.97"-1.1" (50mm) $25.00

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