Stainless Steel Cable Ties


Stainless steel cable ties are usable in a variety of environments including hospital, food processing plants, and industrial plants. These steel cable ties are also great in automotive or marine wire and cable bundling installations because they have an environmental operating temperature of -112°F (-80°C) to 1000°F (538°C).

SKU LengthWidthBundle Dia.Min. Loop TensilePkg Contains Price Qty
CP-5-200-SSA 5".187"1"200 LB25/pkg $22.25
CP-8-200-SSA 8".187"2"200 LB25/pkg $23.00
CP-11-200-SSA 11".187"2.7"200 LB25/pkg $25.00
CP-14-200-SSA 14".187"4"200 LB25/pkg $27.50
CP-21-200-SSA 21".187"6"200 LB25/pkg $40.00
CP-27-200-SSA 27".187"8"350 LB25/pkg $52.00
CP-33-200-SSA 33".187"10"200 LB25/pkg $65.00
CP-35-350-SSA 35".31"N/A350 LB25/pkg $69.00
CP-47-350-SSA 47".31"N/A350 LB25/pkg $87.50
CP-60-350-SSA 60".31"N/A350 LB25/pkg $106.00

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