5″ Security Ties/Ski Ties


Fixed loop security zip ties are tamper evident making them ideal for applications such as securing tote boxes.  They are also commonly referred to as ski ties, as many ski resorts use them to secure lift tickets to skier’s garments.

SKU ColorLengthBundle Dia.Min. Loop TensilePkg Contains Price Qty
CP-5-30-SKIA Red5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKIB Orange5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKIC Yellow5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKID Green5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKIE Blue5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKIF Purple5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKIG Brown5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00
CP-5-30-SKIH Gray5.1"1-1/2"30 LB1000/pkg $42.00


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