Organizing Your Project is Easier with the Right System

Most people will consider cable ties as a last minute necessity, but, if you have a plan in place, you can utilize a system of cable ties to keep your project organized. Besides keeping your project neat and tidy, cable ties are available in a variety of colors and configurations that allow you to label wires, cables, and bundles. ID Cable ties and Flag ID markers allow you to quickly identify wiring bundles and take the guess work out of your project. This will be especially convenient for electricians and contractors doing large-scale projects. Imagine being able to put together a wire bundle for a bedroom and bathroom, stretching it across the house, and quickly knowing which part is for the bedroom closet and which is for the bathroom fan/light.

Using ID cable ties is a smart solution for anyone looking to make their work more efficient. ID cable ties allow you to identify what wires or cables are by writing a description directly on the tie. You will substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to identify the exact wire you need. You can also make use of these tags to keep your project consistent, allowing anyone on your crew to know what each wire or bundle is attached to. These ties are also available in multiple colors, so you can instantly identify the wiring you need with just a glance. Whether for use in the initial completion of the project or for identification during later modification, using marker cable ties allows you to permanently simplify your wiring project.

Anyone who works with wiring or cables has been frustrated at one time or another by the inevitable birds-nest of a poorly planned wiring system. Using color coding has long been a practice in many industries like automotive wiring and electronics. If you organize before you start, you can eliminate the headache that comes from having to trace wires back to their source. Using Flag ID markers, which are available in a variety of sizes and colors will allow you to easily separate component wiring and allow for quicker job completion and less re-wiring from mistakes. You can even remove the possibility of connecting wires incorrectly and causing component damage or even personal injury.

Sometimes, the smallest innovations can make a huge difference in everyday life. Using cable ties to identify your wiring from the start is a small change that can save time, money and even lives. Consider mapping out your systems using ID cable ties and ID flag markers from CableTiesPlus before starting work on your next project.

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