How Do You Cut Through Thick Zip Ties?

How do you cut through thick zip ties?

Zip ties are a pretty powerful tool. It’s no wonder a lot of law enforcement agencies around the world use them as substitutes for handcuffs in crowd control situations. These ties can be thick and difficult to cut, which in a lot of ways is why they are ideal materials for your project. They are excellent for securing electrical wiring. Where netting requires wrapping, even small cable ties can keep it together safely and securely. They have even been utilized as replacements for shoulder straps on backpacks.

The cable tie’s tensile strength is what makes the product hard to cut. Of course, the light, thinner cable tie can be cut fairly easily with a sturdy pair of shears or scissors. It would be advised that you not use a knife no matter how obvious that might seem. The plastic is engineered to support materials much greater than its size and weight. Using a knife may be a challenge, but should it perform the task, you run the risk of the blade either (a) slamming into whatever product it are tied to or (b) snapping back at you.

Best Ways to Cut Zip Ties

A good way to cut through standard or professional Zip ties is using a pair of dykes. These tools are excellent for home projects of all types. If there are electronic components or delicate wires to be concerned with, it might be prudent to have a pair of nail clippers on order. Or head to the store and grab a pair of diagonal pliers. They can get close without harming the surrounding product. Needle nose pliers and slip joint pliers will also save a lot of time, getting through those thick ties in no time. Use these tools to twist a tie until it breaks.

A last resort is melting the plastic, but be careful to not damage whatever the zip is securing.

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