Hide Cables Easily for Clutter Management in the Home

If you’re like most folks, you’ve collected quite a bit of electronic devices in your home, whether they are cell phones, TV, DVD players or kitchen appliances. With every electrical appliance comes an unsightly electrical cord that remains unsightly the entire distance from the appliance to the nearest wall socket. Here we will discuss easy and affordable ways to hide each electrical cord discreetly.

Bundle Cords Together with Zip Ties

Cable ties are made of nylon plastic and come in a myriad of sizes and tensile strengths to accommodate thousands of common household and diy (Do It Yourself) demands. Coming in black or white, you have color options to make the ties blend in. You can begin hiding cords by tying them into neat little bundles with 6 or 7 inch zip ties allowing for enough cord to reach the outlet but keeping them from getting tangled or looking messy.

Run Cables over Doorways

If the shortest distance to the nearest wall socket runs past a doorway, consider using push pins or small nails to secure the power cord between walls and the top edge of door frames to keep from having to step over them each time you enter the room.

Drill Holes in Back of Cabinets to Provide Entrance and Exit for Electrical Cable

This is a great way to accommodate appliances like DVD players that live on shelves within a furniture unit. Most entertainment units will come with holes pre-drilled in back corners of shelves for this purpose. Take this idea and run with it for other appliances such as your toaster oven on its shelf in the kitchen.

Did you know that keeping your house clutter free clears the mind and boosts the Feung Shui of the space? Keeping your appliance cords out of sight is a great first step.

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