Zip Ties for Jewelry Making – Quality Zip Ties to Create and Simplify Jewelry Making

Beautiful jewelry is created every day – and you can be creating your own designs. You can use glass beads, plastic beads, sterling silver charms or anything else. The important thing is being able to create something that is not only stunning but functional.

You may not have the skills or the equipment to get into all of the fancy metal clasps. There are plenty of designs where you don’t have to use the clasps – and this is where zip ties come in. You can use a zip tie to close one end of the jewelry to the other instead of using metal clasps or a soldering iron.

Not sure about zip ties? Zip ties are some of the strongest materials out there – and the tighter you pull it, the harder it is to get something undone. Even police officers use them in place of handcuffs. This means that when you want a convenient way to close a necklace or bracelet strand, you can simply use a zip tie.

The ties come in all sizes, ensuring you are able to stay with a delicate pattern. If you’re making a larger bracelet or a charm necklace that involves a larger chain, then you can step it up and use a larger tie.

There are plenty of colors available, too. The traditional clear color can be incorporated into the design or you can find a variety of other colors as well. This allows you to have a stylish design embedded within the bracelet, necklace or anything else.

Most people won’t even realize that you have used zip ties in with the jewelry. They will be so focused on the colors and the actual design that the idea of a tie won’t even cross their mind.

It’s important to have access to all of the products you need when you get into jewelry making. While you may not be able to find glass beads everywhere, zip ties are easy to find and affordable.

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