Using Cable Ties for Transport

Whether the job is flatbed transport on the back of a pickup truck, or a full-size semi trailer load, the most important element of the entire operation, by far, is safely securing the load before the transportation process even begins.

For sale, legal transportation of goods on the truck flatbed, there can be absolutely no ‘loose’ piece of goods; goods not secured by safe, approved means. CableTiesPlus offers a wide variety of zip cable ties that can be a safe, secure option, suitable for many transport needs.

Cable ties are used to secure items together and are easy to apply, economical, and provide the safety and assurance in securing the load that the driver needs to rely on. For intermodal truck operations, cargo crates must be properly secured to the chassis. The chassis pin can be easily locked with a zip tie, and many transportation organizations actually require this reinforcement. Use a bright-colored tie, such as yellow, as they will be easier to identify during inspections and you can be on your way.

Cable ties are also quite useful on a truck-bed when you need a reliable solution for quickly fastening-down items, and we recommend heavy-duty or extra-heavy-duty ties with tensile strengths of 120 lbs. and 175-200 lbs., respectively. Whether it’s a ladder or a spare tire, a few zip ties will secure the item for the trip. You can also use extra-heavy-duty tie to attach straps to your truck-bed, holding down your items with confidence in a pinch.

For heftier applications, such as large crates and boxes, cable tie strapping is available in roll kits of 100′ and 200′ 6/6 nylon strapping. This strapping is thinner, easier to install, and is more flexible than heavy-duty cable ties, and can be cut to custom lengths. With 400 lb. of tensile strength, kits come complete with 25 cable tie heads. According to length preference, custom-length rolls are also available to order. With strapping, you can be assured your items are properly secured for transport.

For all these products, and a great deal more to assist in any equipment need for cable ties and related accessories, CableTiesPlus has an extensive line of products that will help keep loads of any size safe, secure, and ready to hit the road.

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