Quick Disconnect Terminals

Quick disconnect terminals are a durable resource used in many industries, including engineering, automotive, manufacturing and more. If properly engineered, a quick disconnect terminal will not be designed merely to meet NEMA specifications. Proper manufacturing ensures they are produced with a variety of options that meet exacting standards and fulfill their obligations to every customer and task.

Quick disconnect terminals are the best way to modify wiring systems. You can swiftly connect and reconnect wiring using a sophisticated yet simple device that provides versatility in a variety of applications. Put the soldering equipment away, as you can manage the level of secure electrical currents expected in your systems using quick disconnect terminals, without all the extra work

Quick disconnects are designed for common and complex uses. Engineers and mechanics utilize them for modules and gauges in the automotive industry. Industrial uses include PCB connections, switch operation, terminal blocks and HVAC tasks for capacitors and relays. These devices can handle multiple American Wire Gauge sizes and adhere to the requirements of AWG color coding. They have the capacity to withstand temperature ranges between -40° and 220° Fahrenheit.

Quick disconnect terminals are produced with tin-plated brass and a variety of features. There are fully insulated devices in both the male and female categories. All are engineered with a high quality nylon coating that prevents leakage, and they will dependably secure your wiring installations. Best of all, their versatility is only trumped by their ease of use. Installation requires only a clearing of the wire before inserting it into the device and crimping the tube closed.

Once you begin using quick disconnect terminals, you may consider throwing out your old tools. (We’d advise you don’t!) Instead, buy these quick disconnect terminals in bulk because we are sure once you see their many applications and ease of use, they will become a primary resource in all your wiring installations.

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