Protection From Playground Injury With Heat Shrink Tubing

As much time children have on playground swing sets, these playground staples can also be quite dangerous. Each year, swing sets are the leading cause of injury on home playgrounds. More than 150,000 children are injured on them in the US annually. In addition, playgrounds lacking in maintenance contribute to injuries among children who use the equipment. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your private or public playground in tip-top shape.

Any proper inspection of playground equipment includes looking for cracks in the seat, examining the chains for rust, and checking the links for deformities. A playground supervisor should also look for worn hangers, sharp edges, and signs of vandalism. Examining the swing sets for pinch points is among these essential duties.

With so many different things that can go wrong on a swing set, you want to diminish the possibility of injuries, including pinched fingers. Heat shrink tubing is one strong and long lasting material that can help. Heat shrink tubing is used by professional playground supervisors and even those who have personal swing sets to prevent children from getting their fingers pinched in the chains they hold on to as they swing. The tubing should completely cover the chain and when heated, shrinks down to fit around the chain. Children can still easily and more comfortably grip the chain. Heat shrink tubing can be used on other playground equipment as well.

Climbing equipment with chains has also been known to cause injury to both fingers and toes. Even certain types of monkey bars can benefit from additional covering. Any piece of playground equipment with chain links should be covered for the best protection possible. As an added benefit, the tubing is resistant to many fluids and solvents that could be used by vandals to vandalize and disrupt the playground.

Utilizing new safety precautions, including heat shrink tubing from Cable Ties Plus, can save the fingers of many little ones. Children can play safely and parents do not need to fear that children will walk away with injured fingers or toes.

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