Help Prevent Battery Woes

Battery cables take a lot of heat when your engine gets heated up.  Protect your battery cables from heat and stress by using Cable Ties Plus heat shrink tubing.  The heat shrink tubing offers an extra layer of protection from the elements and it can also protect the cable should your starter burn out.  The tubing is very easy to install.  Release the cable from your battery and slip it over the cable.  Then heat tubing up to a temperature above 212°F / 100°C so it shrinks tightly around the cables and you are ready to go.  The best time to do this is when you are replacing your battery cables.  The Heat Shrink Tubing can protect your battery cables against fuel and oils, solvents, and helps resist corrosion.

There is also another product you can use to protect your battery cables and that is Expandable Sleeving.  This sleeving stretches to fit around cables and offers cut-through resistance which helps protect your battery cables from being cut if you should have something sharp kick up into the engine compartment or should someone slip with a tool.  This is also a good solution for a motor boat because it helps prevent fungus build up and allows any liquid that has been sprayed around to drain off the cables.

You make a big investment in your car and boat decisions.  Just a little bit of extra protection can go a long way in protecting your investment from harm.

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