Cable Ties and Curtain Rods

Cable ties have thousands, if not millions, of uses. For many, the cable tie is part of their daily life because they use them to bundle wires and cables together as they are constructing a new building. For others, they may sit in a tool box until needed. We here at CableTiePlus know a lot about cable ties, their strengths and their main uses. Sometimes, though, cable ties are used on unexpected ways such as for decoration, clothing, or even for jewelry. In garage sales, keeping items, like shoes, together can be difficult. Cable ties can help with that. They are a cost effective item to have when planning a garage sale.

During winter preparation, cable ties are effective because they can securely bundle or tie items such as garden hoses, securing tools to the peg board, or securing camping gear.

Another use for cable ties we have found is for securing shower curtains to the rod. Our city swimming pools use cable ties to secure the shower curtains to the rods. Using cable ties in this manner has several purposes. First, it keeps the curtains secured to the rod. Secondly, it makes the curtain hard to steal. Lastly, it is very cost effective. Shower curtain holders can be expensive, starting from around $9.00 per box. By using cable ties, that cost is cut to pennies per curtain.

As a parent of a young child, using cable ties to secure their shower curtain to the rod is a great way to keep your child safe. Many curtain holders no longer close securely around the rod which allows for the curtain holders to fall off the rod. This can land in a child’s bath and cause harm. By using cable ties to hold the curtain up, you do not have to worry about that and you have the added knowledge that the curtain is secured to the rod.

We are always looking for other ways people use cable ties, if you have other ideas for using cable ties, let us know by commenting to our blog.

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