Cable Tie Wraps Add Stability To HVAC Products

If you are dealing with drafty duct work or need to keep a large furnace in place, you want to use a cable tie wraps in both instances. Cable ties make it easy to keep items large and small in place regardless of how hot or cold the surrounding environment may be.

Cable Tie Wraps Come In A Variety Of Colors

Cable ties can come in a variety of colors such as white or black. Using a different color for each item can help you tie wraps blend in for a cleaner look. Using a variety of colors can also help you differentiate between units if a particular unit needs to be serviced in the future. For example, if you have drafty ducts, you can use a black tie to indicate that the tie wrap is supposed to be temporarily as opposed to a permanent solution.

Keep Your AC Unit From Falling Out Of The Window

If you live in an apartment, you may be forced to use a window air conditioning unit as opposed to central air. In the event that you live on a top floor, you can use cable zip ties or tie wraps to keep the air conditioner secure in the window. Any wire or wires that protrude from the unit can be secured as well using a tie wrap. The tie wrap can prevent the wires from tangling or taking up too much space in your apartment.

Keep Wires Away From Any HVAC Product In The House

Those who have a heat pump or a large furnace in the basement may have a wire or a group of wires that surround the unit. In a basement, there is a good chance that water could pool around or near your furnace at any given time. While the furnace may be able to withstand a little bit of water, you want to make sure that any wire associated with the HVAC product stays dry. Tie wraps or cable zip ties can help you keep the wires above water.

Cable zip ties or tie wraps can keep wires organized and secure while also helping to tie down a variety of products. If you have large HVAC units in your home, you need the right tools to keep them from becoming unusable.

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