Benefits of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are the perfect solution for secure bundling where you need to consider specific environmental conditions. They have a temperature range between –112°F (-80°C) and 1000°F (538°C)  and tensile strength starting at 100 pounds. That puts this product in a category all by itself with practical uses in many projects and industries.

Cable, or (‘zip’) ties are simply the best way to securely safeguard systems. But not all cable ties are created equal. There are unique circumstances that may require features not found in every cable tie product. For instance, weight is a significant factor in determining what type of cable tie should be applied. An outdoor project might require ties with characteristics that are unnecessary indoors. There may be risks to consider, such as an environment where exposure to chemicals must be taken into account or where an installer has to account for potential accidents or even theft.

Stainless steel cable ties are engineered with all the design of conventional ties but made from one of the strongest materials in the world. This makes it ideal for situations that require a higher level of resistance, strength, and durability.

Stainless steel cable ties are not susceptible to corrosion, staining, or rusting. They can be applied in situations where moisture is a concern. This makes them perfect for cables, wires, and assemblies that might be exposed to water, extreme temperatures, or set in dirt. It’s why many professionals turn to stainless steel ties for projects involving food processing, agriculture, and plumbing.

Situations involving heavy equipment are also ideal for stainless steel cable ties. In environments where anything from paper mill equipment to heavy construction tools need to stay in place, a stainless steel cable tie can do the job, either permanently or temporarily depending on project needs. Their strength maximizes security throughout operations, minimizing the possibility of tools or equipment shifting or moving when you least need them to.

If exposure to chemicals, deteriorating gases, or other hazards is a concern, stainless steel cable ties are the way to go. From hospitals to laboratories, this easy-to-install product offers a level of protection that both stands up to exposure and meets high standards regulated by governing bodies that inspect or audit the premises.

With this zip tie’s potential to stabilize hundreds of pounds and resist corrosion, as well as its cost effectiveness and ease of use, you will want to keep a nice stock of stainless steel cable ties around. Offered in a series of sizes and strengths, get these ties with a self-locking mechanism that simplifies coordinating your systems even more. And get them from CableTiesPlus, the leader in products you need to operate efficiently and effectively.

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