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Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties (250 lb.)

When standard ties just won't do, extra heavy duty lashing ties are the answer. With a 250 lbs tensile strength, these lashing ties range from 9"-40" and are ideal for holding the heaviest cables and wire bundles. Our extra heavy duty lashing ties are excellent for HVAC purposes, as well as for securing ladders and other home items. Owing their strength to their nylon plastic composition, these cable ties secure the items the same as any other cable tie so no extra tools are needed. When you have secured the items, if any of the lashing ties are left over, you can cut the tail end and dispose of the extra in an easy, stress-free way. Extra heavy duty lashing ties come in the color black or a natural color. They can be purchased along with any other cable ties, heat shrink tubing, and/or accessories that might be needed for that at home or company project!


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