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Winter Wonderland

by Amy on March 18th, 2013

The temperatures have dropped and the ground where you live may be covered in snow.  Here at CableTiesPlus, we know that whether you are an avid bicyclist or a student who uses a bike to get around campus, during the winter months your bike may be sitting in the garage, dorm room, or like below, out in the snow because you cannot ride it in the snow.


We have found a great solution for you from the Dutch Bike Company out of Seattle Washington.  Bicycle Snow tires.  This idea acts as the same premise as if you were putting chains on your car.  All you need is a bunch of standard cable ties and a pair of strong scissors or clippers.  If you have a bicycle that does not rely have handbrakes, then all you need to do is wrap one cable tie between each section of spokes and cut off the ends. You now have snow tires for your bicycle and can ride it to class or out for a nice ride.


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