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Using Cable Tie Strapping

by Amy on October 28th, 2015

We know right now, this very second, someone like you is using a cable tie.

Not an hour goes by when someone somewhere isn’t reaching for a cable tie to complete and simplify a task in projects that involves packaging, construction, HVAC, pharmaceutical, automotive, marine, transportation and many other productions.

Right now we want to share details about a product that offers an opportunity to use cable ties in a unique way. We’re talking about cable tie strapping. It consists of a roll of cable tie material that can be cut and used in lengths determined by the user. Utilizing strapping, expect all the great features of standard cable ties but a more flexible and economic application. This solution means you no longer have to worry about clipping tie excess or requiring a specific length. In a lot of ways, using cable tie strapping for bundling, fastening and other tasks will save you money as you’ll never use more than what you need.

Cable tie strapping has excellent electrical and chemical properties, and is easier to handle compared to traditional plastic or metal ties of equal strength. In fact, you can expect a tensile strength capacity of up to 400 pounds and 6/6 nylon straps, promising effective use however you choose to apply it.

The cable tie strapping kit comes with up to 200 feet of strapping in a box that rolls the content out and a collection of nylon cable tie heads. The tie heads have a pawl grip and textured sides for secure application. Simply pull out the length of cable tie you need, cut and wrap, and attach a cable tie head to complete the installation.

If you’re using cable ties regularly, you can probably imagine the convenience of cable tie strapping. While this tool isn’t a replacement for all uses of cable ties, you will still be able to perform a broad range of tasks economically. Everyone in fields as diverse as construction and food manufacturing will benefit. With cable tie strapping, you can do many of the things you can do with the most conventional cable tie, but there will certainly be specific, even extreme, circumstances that require a more defined product. But you’ll definitely be able to tie laundry bags, bundle cable, systems and hoses, and tie up packages before shipment.

Due to their dependability and affordability, cable ties are one of the most widely utilized resources in the world. Cable tie strapping takes the technology another step in ease of use and affordability. Cable Ties Plus is excited about giving everyone the opportunity to try it. If you have questions about this great product, feel free to contact us.


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