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3M Resuable Fasteners

by Amy on November 30th, 2012

At Cable Ties Plus (CTP), we offer more than just cable ties, we offer heat shrink tubing, wire connectors, and more. This product, in some situations, can replace screws thus saving having to put holes into items. It can also attach signs to just about any clean surface including your automobile, plus keep things closed such as a door or box. This product is called Hook & Loop Fastener. Here at CTP, we are carrying the Trial Bags which is a 1 inch by 10 foot roll in black.

Hook & Loop

The Hook & Loop Fastener on one side has soft pliable loops. The other side has J-shaped loops that when you put the two sides together, they grab a loop and hold.
The Hook & Loop Fastener is available with two main type of adhesives, acrylic and rubber based. Note: When using pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) a cure time of 1 hour is the minimum amount of time before using the product in its intended use. It is recommended that you wait 72 hours for maximum adhesive bonding and drying.
There are two types of rubber adhesives available on the Hook & Loop. Both adhesives are pressure sensitive (PSA). One is a high performance rubber adhesive. This allows the fastener to be attached to a wide variety of substrates (surfaces). The high performance adhesive is used on part number: TB3526N/TB3527N. The other rubber adhesive is a general purpose rubber adhesive which is good for low surface energy surfaces and is available on part number TB3530/TB331N.
The Hook & Loop Fastener also comes with an acrylic PSA. One is a general adhesive which is good for a variety of surfaces and provides a good temperature resistance, part number TB3546/TB3547. The other acrylic PSA is referred to as a high performance acrylic. This acrylic adhesive is resistant to many environmental and chemical conditions. It also has a high temperature resistance. Part number TB3571/TB3572 is available with this adhesive.

The Hook & Loop fastener also comes in a low profile or thin product where concealing the way the item is attached is important. This fastener’s part number is TB3506/TB3507. This product has about 1400 polypropylene hooks per square inch. Both sides of this product have a general purpose acrylic PSA. This product is available only in white.

Lastly, this fastener also comes in a polyester material which is good for moisture resistance. The PSA is high performance acrylic which offers resistance to some environmental and chemical

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